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Business/Civil Litigation

At John H. Tuthill & Associates, our attorneys have represented individuals and businesses, including corporations and limited liability companies, in a wide variety of business related litigation, from transactional to employment matters, from non-compete disputes to Title VII termination and harassment related matters. We are highly experienced in complex business disputes.

Litigation is a process that resolves a disagreement between two or more people, where people could be individuals, a business or even government agencies. Typically, people in a dispute attempt to resolve the disagreement between themselves before resorting to legal action. After attorneys are involved, there are often discussions in an attempt to settle the dispute as well. However, in many cases, a court case must be started. The case can still be settled outside a courtroom before trial, but if it can't, a judge or jury will decide the dispute. If damages are awarded, the goal is to make the party that was hurt, "whole" for the damages they suffered as a result of the other party's actions. There is no criminal sentence associated with a civil matter.