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Stalking Protective Orders

If you or a member of your family are being stalked, or if you have been served with a temporary stalking protective order, the attorneys at John H. Tuthill & Associates can help you with information and advice on matters in Tillamook County.

Stalking is usually characterized by a pattern of behaviors and the law requires proof of at least two instances of contact. The required elements of stalking as defined by Oregon law are:

Intentionally, knowingly, or recklessly alarming or coercing another person or a member of that person's immediate family or household by engaging in unwanted and repeated contact with the other person when it is objectively reasonable for a person in the victim's situation to have been alarmed or coerced and the unwanted contact causes the victim reasonable apprehension regarding his or her personal safety or the safety of his or her immediate family members or household members.

You can get a protective order for stalking that is being committed against you and/or against a member of your immediate family or household. Immediate family includes your father, mother, child, sibling, spouse, grandparent, stepparent and stepchild. Household member means anyone living with you.

John H. Tuthill & Associates has served Tillamook County since 1978. Whether you're a petitioner or a respondent in a civil stalking protective order case in Tillamook County, we can help. Contact us for a consultation.